Best part? Wholluped while trying to explain/rationalize his Pepe the frog pin (watch the video):

QG had this to say in Facebook:

LOL! The fact that he was punched by a White person makes me slightly giddy! —
Reason: if he was punched by a Black person – BLM, Black mothers, Democrats, Obama, Chicago, Rap music, Black fathers, sagging pants, chicken, candy bars, Arizona teas, wallets, the air, fake war on police, lies of welfare recipients, ALL BLACK PEOPLE – would be blamed.

If it were a Hispanic person: Mexico, burritos, the border, rapist, gangs, tacos, jobs being taken, illegal immigrants, need for a wall, tacos, salsa, people who speak Spanish, ALL HISPANIC PEOPLE – would be blamed.

If it were a Muslim: ISIS, Islam, war, drones, need for a registry, any woman wearing a head covering, any man wearing a turban, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, anyone with a “Muslim accent,” ALL Muslims – would be blamed.

Since it was a White guy – The White guy will be blamed. ONLY! So, bravo!

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