Day 1 – Dr. T Signs Some Papers and Stuff

It was a beautiful inauguration. The most beautiful ever watched by most Americans because most Americans don’t sit down and watch inaugurations—nobody cares. There’s no teams, no scores, no cheerleaders, no tits. It’s another excuse for American showmanship where the cameras follow a white guy and his wife around for a day (previous two presidential inaugurations excluded—they are the exception to the norm). When Americans want to watch white guys and their wives all day, they flip on Duck Dynasty. SSDS.

People tuned in because they:

  1. wanted to see President Trump get popped by the Assassins or the Templars or Ferngully.
  2. wanted to see a revolution (that cuts a number of ways).
  3. wanted to see President Trump put his foot in his mouth.
  4. wanted to see lefties getting roughed up.
  5. wanted to see riot police getting hit with bricks.
  6. wanted to watch the associate editor of the WAPO ramble on on CBS about how this wasn’t the first time folks rioted during an inauguration, “Nixon had rocks thrown at his limousine.”source
  7. wanted to see their man wrest the capitol from the tentacles of the elite.
  8. wanted to see what the good missus President Trump would wear (and no one foresaw the Jackie O. comparisons).
  9. couldn’t find any episodes of Rick and Morty to watch.

Then most people fell asleep waiting for the motorcade to motor or went to eat some food while the media talked about President Trump’s speech. Waking up the next day, it turns out that President Trump finally found himself a desk on day 1 of stewarding America and signed some stuff.

The bulk of the MSM has dwelled on his signing of an executive order related to the Affordable Care Act, some say to reign it in, others say to break it down. It’s too soon to know … and, outside looking in, the Affordable Care Act seems poorly executed in the first place. And things that aren’t executed correctly are easy to build hate and distrust around and against.

Figuring out what other things were important to President Trump to sign on his first use of a presidential pen took more leg work. Vice has this covered with some videos of presidential hobnobbing and games of pass-the-pen. One executive order was to change another law to all the new Secretary of Defense to take his post. Another was for a “National Day of Patriotism”—not many details for that though (some basics here).

It’s hard to take these things in stride, to “give him a chance”. Folks like specifics, even if they don’t read them, it’s good to know that they are there, that they can be read, if the desire is there. Most folks will never bother to read up on much of anything, instead, clusters of groups that watch the inner workings of our government scour every line of print for things to that they think we either should know or be frighten by. Usually, those groups break for the latter—instilling fear is the shortest way to get folks to do stuff.

Give the new site a read. Or look through the page source, they seem to have every incarnation of every browser covered, but I want to know if President Trump has taken care of the “cyber” yet. How many exploits will it take to fell Someone will figure that out this year, bet on it.

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