“Police said …” means nothing. We should take this with the same grains that we take “[criminal(s)] said …”. Police have done almost nothing but dismantle and outright destroy community faith and trust for years, particularly in minority communities and yet police continually get the benefit of doubt, legally, ethically, and morally that their version of events is the one which exists in our collective reality. Social media, cheap phones with great cameras, and the spread of WIFI have at last begun to put some control over that collective reality into hands of regular people who are fed up when police get a paid vacations for gunning down unarmed civilians who are not afoul of the law, but merely existing in the view of police. ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ should not extend to the  guardians of the justice system because that same code, meant to protect the people, invariably sides with those guardians—often against reason (for that is the nature of real corruption). Donning the uniform, taking arms, and delivering justice to society both within and outside the rule of law, police should not be considered “people” as you or I, but mechanisms, guardians, of law and as such held to a different, and much higher standard of ‘Innocent’—’Innocent until proven to have avoided violence and used lethal force only as a last resort’. Not many police in officer related deaths would currently pass a standard like that. This is where the bar should be set to determine how innocent (or guilty) our police are. This is where the bar should be set to affect social change, to have a police that protects, serves, and merits justice to a community. This is where the bar needs to be set to stop reading articles like this one, to stop the sickness inflicted upon America and Americans where police justice is not the justice of the constitution or even  common decency and kindness, but is instead a boot of an authoritarian, racist, and militarized force that enforces the codes, stratifications, positions of the white, the wealthy, and the powerful on the “good” side of the blue line against the rest of us and the communities we live in.