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  • ddt 00.09 on June 6, 2017  

    South Korea Bans Reddiwip

    Ah, nitrous oxide, the drug of choice for 10-12 year old skater boys in Eugene, Oregon circa the 1990s is the hot “new” and legal drug of SoKo’s wanton youth. There’s nothing like being out with your wingman an egging him on to huff a balloon of laughing gas before going to a bar to giggle in the corner. When Soko eventually regulates it, those pesky youths will do what every desperate American teen punk does:

    go to the fooking supermarket and buy a can of Reddiwip and take nitro hits off of that (and spill the cream on their clothing, aka “mark of the whippet”, aka “cum stain”)

    This summer will see gals and guys in fits of sniggery rolling on the floor at every quickie mart near you. “What’s the joke?” Easy, you can punch a woman to death and only get three years in the clink, but if you confront the teacher who raped your daughter and then stab him to death, you’re going to do ten years of hard time

    Lee told authorities that his live-in girlfriend expressed interest one night in September 2012 in meeting a man that patronized a bar run by Lee. He said he was already angry at the fact that she had introduced herself to the man at the bar earlier in the evening as a “friend” of Lee’s rather than his “girlfriend.”

    Lee then punched her face four times while she was lying down at their home in Eumseong County, North Chungcheong, police said, and she died on the spot.

    Lee buried her body in a local field, and police were able to track him down last year. The prosecution sought a 12-year prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter and concealment of a body.

    the mother, was sentenced to 10 years for killing a 51-year-old teacher at her daughter’s high school in February after her daughter told her she had been raped by the man. She reported herself to police about an hour after she stabbed him at a cafe in Cheongju, North Chungcheong.

    Kim had told the court she killed the man accidentally, but the court argued Kim had planned the murder by “sending a text message to a relative suggesting she was planning to kill the teacher, and preparing a weapon in advance to meeting the teacher,” adding that “revenge murder calls for a heavy sentence.”

    Pass the Reddiwip. 

    –header image source: Steve.So.Fine (Flickr)

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  • ddt 19.58 on May 19, 2017  

    Suck it, America

    Ha-ha. Suck it, America. You lose your net neutrality. All your internetz belong to … not you! Your internetz belong to corporations. YOU belong to corporations, but only corporations get rich. You pick good president. He make America great again by making his friends rich(er) again(er). Get ready to pay for your video streaming, torrenting, podcasting, porn mongering, and innovating. It will be cheaper again to take your family of eight to the movie theater and buy three jumbo popcorns. It will be cheaper to pocket-wank during your lap dance. It will be cheaper to let Russia and North Korea “innovate” for you. But this is okay because your internetz already suck. Now it will suck more than most of the OECD. Booya! $25 a month for a 100Mb fiber optic connect is farther into the realm of pure fantasy than it ever has been for you! 

    What happens next? Again, net neutrality isn’t technically dead yet. There will be another vote later this year, followed by inevitable lawsuits — which supporters have a good chance of winning.

    Don’t worry, if you live in Silicon Valley or in a Trump building, your internetz will probably be just fine. Facebook and fake news will always be free. (heart) America, fuck yeah! Corporate America, fuck yeah! Corporamerica, fuck yeah. Corporations, fuck yeah! 

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  • ddt 05.25 on January 25, 2017  

    Day … Fuck Your Echo Chamber

    If you thought Ddong Today was going to give you a day-by-day commentary on the Trump administration, then you were wrong. Day-by-days are a joke, a way to affix a false sense of chronology to a period of time to remember it better or more neatly. MSM does day-by-days and then they  stop because that stops selling content and when that happens it gets a lot harder to sell advertising. We will see “week 1” or “the first week” commentaries soon enough and later, “first month”, then “the first 100 days”, and finally, “the first year”. Recap, summarize, distill to the sound byte, and sell—that is our system. 

    There’s too much going on to keep shoehorning into day-by-day posts. Already this browser is bloody with pinned tabs, so much to say and so little time and space and time to say it in. So many issues, the obvious things, the executive orders, the reactions from the right and the left, the schisms, and the unobvious things. 

    We are four days into President Trump’s vision of America. It is not great again, and in many ways, America looks the same as it did last week. But the mood is different—very different. We are four days in and already folks are worn out. How can we tell? Simple: there is no protesting and the meming is way up. 

    (from the left on the left)

    Yes, Spicer and Conway sound like they are talking straight from 1984 .

    Yes, that is disturbing, but how many of President Trump’s cabinet have seen a 1984 movie or read the book? If they had read the book or even seen the movie, their spin doctors would take greater care in how their message is being crafted. They may think their words are smart and original, but without the background knowledge of how things change into absolute authoritarianism, e.g. from news to newsspeak, their self-preception of how they choose to speak seems efficient to them, rather that completely scary to the folks who have read the book; necessary to them rather than dangerous to the folks who have read the book. In this case, attaching their words to those of George Orwell then, means nothing. This meme will travel the leftie echo chamber and everyone will go, “See! These people are insane and power-hungry. They want control. We have to stop Trump.” 

    (from the right on the right)

    Yes, we live in America (or abroad with our American passports). Yes, that is our flag. Yes, that is the president. And, yes, that is how it works.

    Yes, maybe folks should sit down and accept what has come to be … only that isn’t how we all grew up. The American way is to stand up for yourself, for what you believe in. Hollywood movies and hundreds of tv shows repeat these themes throughout our childhoods, teens, and adulthood. We don’t just accept something because someone said so. This sounds great if you’re into this administration. These are all the facts needed to layout why protesting is wrong. No sane American can deny the truth in this meme. It is real. It is life. It is now. (And it isn’t a loose comparison to a book Joe Blow read in middle school). This meme has folks in the righie echo chamber going, “That’s right. You don’t like it? Leave.”

    #ddongtoday #dronesmotherfucker #smashtheechochamber

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  • ddt 07.36 on January 22, 2017  

    Day 1 – Dr. T Signs Some Papers and Stuff

    It was a beautiful inauguration. The most beautiful ever watched by most Americans because most Americans don’t sit down and watch inaugurations—nobody cares. There’s no teams, no scores, no cheerleaders, no tits. It’s another excuse for American showmanship where the cameras follow a white guy and his wife around for a day (previous two presidential inaugurations excluded—they are the exception to the norm). When Americans want to watch white guys and their wives all day, they flip on Duck Dynasty. SSDS.

    People tuned in because they:

    1. wanted to see President Trump get popped by the Assassins or the Templars or Ferngully.
    2. wanted to see a revolution (that cuts a number of ways).
    3. wanted to see President Trump put his foot in his mouth.
    4. wanted to see lefties getting roughed up.
    5. wanted to see riot police getting hit with bricks.
    6. wanted to watch the associate editor of the WAPO ramble on on CBS about how this wasn’t the first time folks rioted during an inauguration, “Nixon had rocks thrown at his limousine.”source
    7. wanted to see their man wrest the capitol from the tentacles of the elite.
    8. wanted to see what the good missus President Trump would wear (and no one foresaw the Jackie O. comparisons).
    9. couldn’t find any episodes of Rick and Morty to watch.

    Then most people fell asleep waiting for the motorcade to motor or went to eat some food while the media talked about President Trump’s speech. Waking up the next day, it turns out that President Trump finally found himself a desk on day 1 of stewarding America and signed some stuff.

    The bulk of the MSM has dwelled on his signing of an executive order related to the Affordable Care Act, some say to reign it in, others say to break it down. It’s too soon to know … and, outside looking in, the Affordable Care Act seems poorly executed in the first place. And things that aren’t executed correctly are easy to build hate and distrust around and against.

    Figuring out what other things were important to President Trump to sign on his first use of a presidential pen took more leg work. Vice has this covered with some videos of presidential hobnobbing and games of pass-the-pen. One executive order was to change another law to all the new Secretary of Defense to take his post. Another was for a “National Day of Patriotism”—not many details for that though (some basics here).

    It’s hard to take these things in stride, to “give him a chance”. Folks like specifics, even if they don’t read them, it’s good to know that they are there, that they can be read, if the desire is there. Most folks will never bother to read up on much of anything, instead, clusters of groups that watch the inner workings of our government scour every line of print for things to that they think we either should know or be frighten by. Usually, those groups break for the latter—instilling fear is the shortest way to get folks to do stuff.

    Give the new whitehouse.gov site a read. Or look through the page source, they seem to have every incarnation of every browser covered, but I want to know if President Trump has taken care of the “cyber” yet. How many exploits will it take to fell whitehouse.gov? Someone will figure that out this year, bet on it.

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  • ddt 18.12 on January 21, 2017  

    Best part? Wholluped while trying to explain/rationalize his Pepe the frog pin (watch the video):

    QG had this to say in Facebook:

    LOL! The fact that he was punched by a White person makes me slightly giddy! —
    Reason: if he was punched by a Black person – BLM, Black mothers, Democrats, Obama, Chicago, Rap music, Black fathers, sagging pants, chicken, candy bars, Arizona teas, wallets, the air, fake war on police, lies of welfare recipients, ALL BLACK PEOPLE – would be blamed.

    If it were a Hispanic person: Mexico, burritos, the border, rapist, gangs, tacos, jobs being taken, illegal immigrants, need for a wall, tacos, salsa, people who speak Spanish, ALL HISPANIC PEOPLE – would be blamed.

    If it were a Muslim: ISIS, Islam, war, drones, need for a registry, any woman wearing a head covering, any man wearing a turban, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, anyone with a “Muslim accent,” ALL Muslims – would be blamed.

    Since it was a White guy – The White guy will be blamed. ONLY! So, bravo!

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  • ddt 10.37 on January 20, 2017  

    Analysis of the Obama years, internetz style: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/a-look-back-at-the-memes-of-the-obama-administration

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  • ddt 09.38 on January 20, 2017  

    How to Write a Letter to a Wannabe Despot, part II

    Now this is How to Write an Open Letter to a Wannabe Despot. Compare the words between this and the open letter from the Columbia Journalism Review. Direct versus indirect. Read the one by John Pavlovitz first 😉


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  • ddt 04.34 on January 20, 2017  

    Just hours to go now

    The late night score is:
    Chelsea Manning reduces (35 to 7 years).
    Edward Snowden stays (in Russia).
    Leonard Peltier wastes (away).

    (see the movie) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incident_at_Oglala

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  • ddt 11.32 on January 19, 2017  

    What to Expect on January 20th

    If it goes down like this, everything will be a-okay.

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  • ddt 11.15 on January 19, 2017  

    How to Write an Open Letter to a Wannabe Despot

    Case point: An open letter to Trump from the US press corps – Columbia Journalism Review

    This is for the choir and to ignite the conservators of conservatism and the alt-rite defenders of Trump (assuming there are any remaining, as some articles want folks to think). Trump won’t read this, assuming someone even gives it to him or he finds it linked on Twitter. If this does somehow reach the hailstorm of nothingness he has surrounded himself with, he will only skim it.


    Consider the writing and the tone, this is a soapbox declaration of principles addressed to him. Addressing him directly has already been shown to be ineffective. This piece will get lefty shares and nods, and righty FUs and little else.

    How then does one get the attention of our soon-to-be POTUS?

    By not addressing him directly, as an actress did on tv not long ago. Don’t mention him. Don’t use the pronouns “you” or “your”. That’s how.

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  • ddt 08.49 on January 19, 2017  

    The False Caring of Facebook

    Consider this screen capture:

    This is Facebook’s way of pretending to give a shit about you. Nothing happens when you put this junk on your timeline. Except … Facebook makes more money off of you and your friend because affirmation of that connection, that meaning, creates more metadata for Facebook to mine. If you really want to celebrate your friendship, then got do something with your friend instead of allowing a self-masturbating animation of your digitally limited Facebook friendship to be spewed on the internetz. Really, no one cares, not even your friend.

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  • ddt 22.39 on January 18, 2017  

    Stay safe. https://medium.com/@Amy_Siskind/week-9-experts-in-authoritarianism-advise-to-keep-a-list-of-things-subtly-changing-around-you-so-4bc574668100#.52gfb9bd5

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  • ddt 16.46 on January 18, 2017  

    What About Snowden?

    If Obama can let one extraneously punished whistleblower off, then he should find a way to let another one off or minimally, create a path for Snowden to leave Russia without being killed.


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